There are no setup fees, monthly charges - everything is included. We only charge a transaction fee, so you only pay when you generate income.

Here's how our fees stack up for each payment method:

Payment method Payment processing fixed fee Payment processing percentage fee Platform fixed fee Platform percentage fee
Online payment methods
Debit card 8p 1% 0p 2.75%
Credit card 8p 1% 0p 2.75%
Direct Debit 25p 0% 0p 2.75%
PayPal 20p 1.4% 0p 2.75%
Gift voucher 0p 0% 0p 0%
Points 0p 0% 0p 0%
Offline payment methods  
Cash 0p 0% 0p 0%
Cheque 0p 0% 0p 0%
Bank transfer 0p 0% 0p 0%
Standing order 0p 0% 0p 0%
Offline text 0p 0% 0p 0%
Payment in time 0p 0% 0p 0%
Payment in kind 0p 0% 0p 0%
Free 0p 0% 0p 0%
Other 0p 0% 0p 0%

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